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People don’t use phone books to find local businesses like they did years ago now they use the Internet and search engines like Google to find the services they need, will they find your business?

Times have changed with the introduction of the internet and smart phones, your business needs to be noticed where your potential customers are looking. The sad news for business owners most people searching the internet limit their result search to the first page of their chosen search engine.

We are sure you have been contacted by companies promoting their services saying we will get you on page one of google for your chosen keywords for XYZ in so many days and these type of services are often for keywords that will not bring customers to your business. They are purely playing a numbers game with no real emphasis in supporting your business in the long term.

Search engines are continually evolving to provide the right results back for consumers that’s why it is important that your business is positioned correctly this includes the correct keyword research carried out by professionals, your website optimised correctly so it meets the critical ranking factors and the correct mix of back links so your business does not get penalised.

Bespoke Wedding Consultants can achieve the results you desire but will never make outrageous claims of getting you on first page of google without analysing your business website, your competition, the keywords you wish to target.

We deliver results when we know the facts and set a realistic timeframe to achieve results that matter for your business.

Has your business got marketing punch

SEO that packs a punch and knocks out the competition.

1. Keyword Research

6. Off Page Optimisation

2. Competitor Analysis

7. Ongoing Content Addition

3. Design Analysis

8. Social Media

4. On Page Optimisation

9. Blogging Video Press Releases

5. Google Webmaster Tools

Track and Maintenance

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